Weinberg Campus Technology Park

The Weinberg Campus Technology Park is the innovation location for the life sciences and materials science industry in the region. With 134 hectares, it is the largest in Central Germany. More than 300 start-ups have found the best conditions since its foundation in 1993. Today, more than 100 companies and institutes employing approx. 6,000 people are located here. Biochemists, biotechnologists, materials scientists, pharmacists, agronomists and nutritionists from the most important non-university research institutions are all working side by side here. – Here, ideas become innovations and are turned into spin-off companies.

Center of Excellence Saxony-Anhalt

Weinberg Campus Technology Park is one of twelve locations in Saxony-Anhalt called CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE. HERE science, research and industry are concentrated on one site.

  • Biozentrum Halle
  • Biozentrum Halle
  • Campus

Facts and figures

Total area 134 hectares
Main floor space approx. 27,000 sqm (TGZ Halle/Bio-Center Halle)
Total investments 90 million Euros (TGZ Halle/Bio-Center Halle)
more than 1 billion Euros (location Weinberg Campus) 
Company foundations 300 (companies founded in TGZ Halle/Bio-Center Halle since 1993)
Jobs 700 (tenants TGZ/Bio-Center)
6,000 (Location Weinberg Campus)
Students 8,000 (MLU, natural sciences)

Dr. Ulf-Marten Schmieder

Dr. Ulf-Marten Schmieder

Managing Director

Tel.: +49 (0) 345 13 14 15-00
Fax: +49 (0) 345 13 14 15-03

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