Oguzcan Koyutürk

Managing Director Okmed Biotech GmbH

Oguzcan Koyutürk

I studied in the pharmaceutical field and worked with both low molecular active ingredients as well as high molecular, biological ingredients, known as biologicals. Both my bachelor's degree in Canada and my master's degree in London dealt with conventional low molecular active ingredients. Through my master's degree at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg I have acquired much valuable knowledge and many skills in the field of biologicals. I founded my own company in Halle on the basis of this knowledge and the experience I have gained over the last ten years in the pharmaceutical industry.

The company focuses on the development of manufacturing processes for high molecular pharmaceutical substances. Hereby, we specialize in the production of microbial cells.
 Our range of services extends from cell line development to formulation.

What social impact do you see for your service?

Medicines are essential for a functioning medical supply, so there will always be a demand in this area. The field of pharmaceutical biotechnology is developing and gaining importance.
 Many pharmaceutical companies are therefore looking for research and development services to include new products in their product range and to enter or consolidate their position in the market for biotechnological active ingredients.
 We contribute to this development by providing both scientific and regulatory services.

What are the advantages of the location Weinberg Campus? What do you like about the Weinberg Campus?

The Weinberg Campus combines science and business. The close proximity of companies to the institutes of the university and other research institutions, as well as the active promotion of cooperation, creates an excellent breeding ground for science and technology-based companies.

What do you want from an entrepreneurial point of view and from a very personal perspective for the Weinberg Campus? 

I hope that the Weinberg Campus will continue to be a place where opportunities for cooperation and collaborations will be encouraged in a friendly, collegial atmosphere.
 I hope that in the future, spaces will also be created for the growth of young companies in close proximity to the university.

Can you think of a story that connects you to the Weinberg Campus?

I associate many stories with the Weinberg Campus because I studied here. The most important thing for me, however, was and still is the possibility to start a company in a friendly and supportive environment. I hope there will still be a lot more stories to come.

Oguzcan Koyutürk

Okmed Biotech GmbH
Weinbergweg 23
06120 Halle (Saale)

E-Mail: info@okmedbiotech.de
Internet: www.okmedbiotech.de