Dr. Hanjo Hennemann

Managing Director Verovacchines GmbH

Dr. Hanjo Hennemann

Verovaccines GmbH is a newly founded biopharmaceutical company based here in Halle (Saale). It is a spin-off of the University of Halle. We are developing animal vaccines using a new yeast-based technology platform. Our team consists of seven people who are mainly involved in research and development.

The vaccines will be used primarily against infections in pigs, cattle and poultry. The plan is that we will enter into further cooperations with veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the course of development, and we have already received positive market feedback in this respect. We are currently in the process of acquiring capital.

What social impact do you see for your services?

Our products are of particular interest to the market because the use of antibiotics in livestock farming is becoming increasingly problematic.
 The widespread use of antibiotics promotes the development of multi-resistant germs, which can also be hazardous to humans. The strategy so far has been to prevent the occurrence and spread of pathogens with a high level of antibiotics.

Due to the great public and political pressure, the use of antibiotics in livestock farming is currently declining sharply. Due to the decline in sales and the high demand, market participants are looking for alternatives in animal health. Verovaccines offers such an alternative in the form of novel vaccines. We are already being approached by companies that are reorienting themselves in the face of declining sales and want to take advantage of the great opportunities in the field of animal vaccines.

What are the advantages of the location Weinberg Campus?

I believe that the Weinberg Campus in Saxony-Anhalt is the most important hub for biotechnology and that together with Leipzig, it is also a top location throughout Germany. The Technology Park plays an important role for companies and scientific institutions as a business location and communication platform.

What do you want as an entrepreneur for the Weinberg Campus?

As an entrepreneur, I primarily hope that we can realize our company growth here at the location without having to make too much of an effort in terms of infrastructure. I also hope that the technology park will be supported in the growth phase. I see the TGZ not only as a one-off entry solution, but also as a scalable infrastructure platform that supports our growth.

We have been active in the university for more than five years as a funding project and carry out applied research. We are therefore not starting from scratch, but rather expect to be able to enter the decisive growth phase in the next few years.
 We are supported in this by the GO-Bio-funding of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Can you think of an event that connects you to the Weinberg Campus?

Recently, TGZ organized a boat tour on the Saale and invited many entrepreneurs to participate. I am not yet so familiar with the surroundings as a non-native and was therefore pleasantly surprised by the wonderful scenic attractions of the Saale valley. I didn't expect that close to the Weinberg Campus.

Dr. Hanjo Hennemann

Blücherstraße 26
06120 Halle (Saale)

Telefon: +49 (345) 13 14 28 90
E-Mail: info@verovaccines.org​
Internet: www.verovaccines.org​