Verovaccines establishes advisory board

  • Verovaccines establishes advisory board with internationally experienced members from the vaccine world
  • Ulrike Diesterbeck, DVM takes over the position of Head of Development
  • The aim is to accelerate in-house vaccine development and bring new animal vaccines to market faster

Vaccine specialist Verovaccines GmbH is establishing an advisory board with extensive expertise in the animal health industry. Its members Dr. Konrad Stadler, Dr. Christian Schirvel and Dr. Martin Pfister have broad know-how in vaccine development, immunology, strategy and business development. In addition, the company appoints Ulrike Diesterbeck, DVM as Head of Development to boost its internal proficiency and rapidly develop its novel vaccines to market authorization.

Verovaccines is developing novel vaccines based on the patented yeast Kluyveromyces lactis platform. The platform allows to produce several antigens in one run and thus develop combination vaccines, is broadly applicable against various pathogens, and is cost-effective, reducing Cost-of-Goods.

The members of the Advisory Board, as well as Dr. Diesterbeck, support the company in key areas such as research & development, regulatory affairs, market, product and corporate strategy and bring a significant network of industry-specific contacts for future development and commercialization. Dr. Stadler and Dr. Schirvel, formerly in senior positions of top 3 veterinary pharmaceutical companies, have important expertise for the further development of Verovaccines. Dr. Pfister is an immunologist and additionally brings an investor perspective to the company.

Verovaccines nominated a first yeast-based vaccine as a develop-ment candidate in 2021 and is generating relevant data for the regulatory approval of this vaccine. The R&D focus is currently on strengthening unique selling points of the proprietary vaccine platform (vaccine combination, ease and cost of manufacturing, and user friendliness). In addition, the vaccine pipeline (4 validated programs) will be promptly developed.

Prof. Dr. Sven-Erik Behrens (CSO) "Dr. Diesterbeck ideally complements our team. Verovaccines can now rapidly develop its own subunit vaccines through to regulatory approval." Commenting on the role of the Advisory Board, Dr. Hanjo Hennemann (CEO) says "We are very pleased to have been able to attract internationally experienced Advisory Board members whose hands-on experience in the animal health field gives Verovaccines the traction and strategic vision needed to take new technologies and products through to market."

With the help of the new advisory board and Dr. Diesterbeck's expertise, the company is confident that it will be able to achieve its goals faster and even more effectively.

Quelle: Unternehmensnews Verovaccines GmbH
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